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December 3, 2018

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Tips for Talking to Your Parent About Caregiver Services

June 29, 2018


Talking to Your Parent About Caregiver Services

As they age, the majority of seniors need assistance with household chores, personal grooming, taking medication, and other daily tasks. However, many seniors do not want to leave the comfort of their home, which is why their children often seek assistance from a professional caregiver.


Despite the benefits of caregiver services, many seniors are apprehensive about the idea of having a caregiver. If you are thinking about hiring a caregiver, it’s important that you approach the conversation with your parent in a positive way. To avoid a negative reaction or an argument, follow these tips.


#1. Keep it Positive

Whenever you talk to your parent about caregiver services, keep the conversation positive. Never say that home care is something they “need” and do not bring up their health or any accidents they’ve had in the past. Instead, simply tell them that they’ve reached a point in life where they could use a little extra help.


You should also focus on the benefits of caregiver services. Having the assistance of a caregiver will allow them to maintain their independence and live in their home longer than they could otherwise. This also means that they will have someone who can drive them to errands, schedule doctor’s appointments, and help them keep track of their medication.  


#2. Explain that You Can’t Always Be There

Some parents may wonder why you cannot be their full-time caregiver. If this is the case, explain to them that you wish you could help more, but you simply cannot be there all the time. If an accident occurs, they need someone who can help. They also need someone who can keep up with their health demands and medication, which may be something beyond your knowledge or experience. Avoid phrases like “I don’t have enough time” because this may make them feel guilty about the situation.


#3. Include them in the Decision

You never want your parent to feel like they were forced into having caregiver services, so involve them as much as you can in the decision. Take them with you during the interview and selection process so they can find someone who fits their personality and needs. By getting them involved, they are more likely to accept the situation.


#4. Hire a Dependable Caregiver Service

To ensure your parent’s caregiver experience runs smoothly, you need to find a dependable, trustworthy caregiver service. At 417 Home Care, we offer caregiving services that allow your parent to maintain their independence while receiving the help they need. To learn more, contact us today!


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