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December 3, 2018

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Pain Management: Relieving Chronic Back Pain

July 5, 2018


Pain Management Tips for Chronic Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common reasons to seek help from a pain management specialist. While back pain can have many causes, it can usually be relieved through physical therapy, medication, and lifestyle changes. You can also manage your pain by trying a few pain management techniques at home. Here are just a few techniques that will help you take control of your pain.



Though exercise can be a bit of challenge when you have chronic back pain, incorporating more movement into your day can help relieve your symptoms. Exercise releases endorphins, which are natural painkillers, and it can reduce your weight and improve your sleep, which further manages pain. Your exercise regimen should include a combination of physical therapy, stretching, strength training, and low-impact aerobic exercise.


Start off slow with stretching, walking, and light aerobic activity to minimize pain. Later, as you notice improvement, you can increase the intensity of your workout and try something new, like swimming or biking.



In many cases, back pain is caused by sitting in the same position all day, especially if you are an office worker or anyone else who has to sit in the same position all day. This is why standing up and stretching throughout the day is one of the best pain management solutions. You can also try your hand at yoga and start a regular morning and evening stretching routine.


Hot and Cold Treatments

Application of cold packs or heating pads is one of the most common and effective pain management tactics. Heat relaxes the muscles while cold treatments reduce inflammation. For the best results, try alternating between the two.


Make Ergonomic Changes

Back pain is usually caused by lifestyle habits. If you spend most of your day in a seated position, you are more likely to experience chronic back pain, especially in your lower back. Prevent back pain by making ergonomic changes. Design your workplace so you don’t have to bend forward or hunch over to use your computer. If your office chair is causing you problems, buy a new one. At home, you may wish to buy a new mattress. Typically, firm mattresses are best for back pain. By making lifestyle changes, you can attack the root cause of your pain.


Talk to a Pain Management Specialist

If you are ready to take control of your pain and get back to doing the things you love, talk to a pain management specialist at Haven Physical Therapy. Our team of dedicated physical therapists will create a customized treatment plan and monitor your progress throughout the process. To get started, contact us today!


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