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December 3, 2018

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Total Knee Replacement Therapy Timeline

May 17, 2018

Physical Therapy After Knee Replacement Surgery


When you have a total knee replacement, physical therapy helps you regain your mobility and get back to living your normal, active lifestyle. By regularly practicing stretches and exercises, you will gradually rebuild your strength, improve your range of motion, and help the surgery site heal.


At Haven Physical Therapy, we offer outpatient physical rehabilitation services and work with many total knee replacement patients. We know that planning for the rehabilitation process improves your chances of having a successful recovery. To help you prepare, we’ve outlined a typical knee replacement recovery.


24 Hours After Surgery


The physical therapy process begins soon after you wake up from surgery. Approximately 24 hours after your operation, a physical therapist will help you stand, walk, and get used to your new artificial knee. They will also help you walk with your walker or crutches and provide information on home care. During this time, you will probably still be under the effects of anesthesia, so you may experience little pain.


Two Days After Surgery


Generally, you are discharged from the hospital two days after your surgery. Of course, everyone is different, and depending on your condition, you may be discharged earlier or later than two days. Before you are officially discharged, your physical therapist may ask you to go through some exercises, and you may have to perform a few tasks. This can including bending your knee at a 90-degree angle and walking without assistance.


One Week After Surgery


During this time, you will probably start outpatient physical therapy where you work. For this therapy, you will practice some exercises and stretches to regain your mobility. You will probably be using pain medication, but your pain should gradually lessen. At home, you will be able to shower, dress, and go about your daily routine with the help of crutches or a walker.


Three Weeks After Surgery


After three weeks, you should notice a dramatic reduction in pain, allowing you to walk longer distances. In physical rehabilitation, you will learn new exercises that you can try at home. Gradually, you will rebuild your strength and get back to your normal routine.


Four Weeks and Onward


If you have stuck to your physical rehabilitation schedule and practiced your exercises at home, you should notice a huge improvement in your knee. While you may still have some slight pain, you will notice increased flexibility and strength. You should be able to perform household tasks such as cooking and cleaning with ease, and you will be able to walk longer distances. Occasional discomfort is totally normal, so don’t be discouraged if this occurs.

Haven Physical Therapy


If you are looking for physical rehabilitation in Southwest Missouri, contact Haven Physical Therapy. We offer both preoperative and postoperative outpatient physical rehabilitation, as well as occupational and speech therapy. We are always happy to talk to new customers, so contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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