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December 3, 2018

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The Importance of Pre-Surgical Physical Rehabilitation

May 10, 2018

Why Get Pre-Operative Physical Therapy?

Most people are familiar with postoperative physical therapy and its ability to promote healing, but few think to visit a physical therapist before an operation. Surgery is a physically and mentally daunting task, so making preparations important. By scheduling a few sessions with your physical therapist before your surgery, you can reduce your risk of postoperative complications and prepare your body and mind for recovery. Here are a few ways preoperative physical therapy can get you ready you for the road ahead.


Build Strength


Whether it be a total knee replacement or a discectomy, you likely need surgery because you are in pain, which means that the muscles near the surgery site may be weaker than normal. If these muscles are not conditioned before surgery, your recovery may be long and hard.


By practicing some preoperative strength training exercises with your physical therapist, you can prepare your body for the experience ahead. Through strength training, you can improve the functionality and range-of-motion of the muscles near the surgery site to ease the recovery process. For example, if you are receiving a total knee replacement, your physical therapist may work on strengthening your leg muscles so you can better perform your postoperative rehabilitation exercises.


Prepare for Post-Operative Physical Therapy


When you are in preoperative physical therapy, you will learn many exercises and stretches that you will continue practicing after surgery. By performing these exercises, your body becomes used to the movements, so they won’t be as difficult after surgery. Ultimately, this will make your recovery time more efficient and ensure you can effectively work toward a better range of motion and decrease your pain.


Learn about Your Upcoming Surgery


Surgery requires more than physical preparation. The experience can be intimidating and scary for some, which is why education is an important part of the process. During preoperative physical therapy, you will learn more about your surgery, why you feel pain or discomfort, and how you can work through it. With a little mental preparation, you can ease your anxiety and give yourself a better outlook on the overall recovery process.


Contact Haven Physical Therapy


If you are looking for outpatient physical therapy services, look no further than Haven Physical Therapy in Southwest Missouri. We provide both preoperative and postoperative physical rehabilitation along with occupational therapy, speech therapy, and sports injury rehab. To learn how our compassionate physical therapists can help you, give us a call today at 417-731-7094!



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