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December 3, 2018

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Does Your Parent Need Caregiver Services?

May 8, 2018

Witnessing your parent experience physical or cognitive decline can be a heartbreaking experience, but for some people it is an inevitable part of the aging process. An ailing parent may need assistance around the house, but they will often be the last to admit it, so it may be up to you to determine if they need caregiver services. Making this decision is never easy, but it helps to be aware of the indicators of decline. If you notice any of these, it may be time to look for a caregiver.


#1. Falling Behind on House and Lawn Maintenance


One of the first signs that your parent may need caregiver services is that they have fallen behind on housekeeping and lawn maintenance. If you visit their home and you notice that the grass is high or the landscaping is overgrown, they may not have the physical capabilities to keep up with the work. Inside, you may also notice excessive clutter, broken appliances, and expired groceries that have not been thrown away.


#2. Poor Personal Hygiene


Help with personal grooming is one of the main reasons why someone seeks caregiver services. As their physical capabilities decline, they may experience difficulty bathing, brushing their teeth, or going to the bathroom. Their inability to keep up with personal hygiene can have a dramatic impact on their quality of life. Your parent may be hesitant about seeking assistance, but it’s vital for their health that they keep up with personal grooming.


#3. Forgetfulness and Depression


Forgetfulness is one of the first signs of cognitive decline. Typically, you may notice that your parent forgets to pay their bills, take medications, or attend doctor's appointments. If they are experiencing forgetfulness, depression and mood swings may set in. If you notice that your parent has low energy or loses interest in their hobbies, these are good indicators that your parent may need caregiver services. With the help of a caregiver, they will receive medication and doctor’s appointment reminders, with company, and companionship which will boost their mood and combat depression.


#4. Mobility Issues


Mobility issues can make it difficult to perform basic household tasks, which dramatically affects one’s quality of life. If your parent is struggling to maintain their home, this may be a sign of significant mobility issues. There are a few blatant signs, such as struggling to get up from a seated position and walk about their home, which also suggest mobility issues. In some cases, you may notice unexplained bruises from frequent accidents.


Is it Time to Seek Caregiver Services?


If you are seeking caregiver services, 417 Home Care is here to help. Our compassionate caregivers work with you to develop personalized care plans that fit the needs of your loved one that include help with personal grooming, household tasks, and running errands. To learn more, contact 417 Home Care today.

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