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December 3, 2018

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What to Look for in a Skilled Nursing Facility

April 21, 2018

What You Should Look for in a Skilled Nursing Facility


If you have a loved one in need of round-the-clock care, you might be looking for a skilled nursing facility to provide it. But how do you know you can really trust a skilled nursing facility to provide the best caregiver services? You need to know that the skilled nursing facility you chose is going to be able to look after your relative or relatives and that you won’t have to worry about their well-being.


Haven Healthcare has worked with a variety of skilled nursing facilities in the 417 area. Through this extensive experience, we’ve learned what makes a skilled nursing facility special. In this blog, we’re going to share that knowledge so you can make an informed decision.


Visit the Facility to See It For Yourself

Nothing beats seeing the skilled nursing facility for yourself. Pictures, online descriptions, and even discussing things with staff over the phone don’t quite give as much of an impression as being there in person. Schedule a visit to really get a feel for the facility.


When you visit, you’ll have the opportunity to meet the staff who work there and how they work with their patients. Take a look at the kind of activities they offer, what amenities they have, what the individual rooms are like, what outdoor facilities they have, and anything else you can think of.


Talk to the Staff and Ask Questions

It’s also vital that you talk to the staff. Again, face-to-face is best since it gives you a better idea of the kind of team a facility has. It’s also easier to ask open, honest questions — and get equally honest answers — in person.


When you do ask questions, it’s also important not to shy away from more difficult topics. Some of the details of elderly or end of life care can be embarrassing or difficult to discuss, but professional nursing staff will be able to put you at ease and talk about things in an honest, sensitive way.


Is It the Right Location?

Aside from the facility itself, think about where it is. How close is it to your home? How far do you need to travel to visit? How quickly can you get there in an emergency? These are all important factors that you need to consider, and you should pick a facility that’s within a practical distance.


Find Out Some Family Feedback

It can be helpful to seek out reviews and opinions from families of patients online. A skilled nursing facility will be able to provide you with feedback from families themselves, but there are plenty of places on the internet to find reviews, too. Look carefully at how the nursing facility engages with both positive and negative reviews. Take this into account with the factors that we listed above.


Find the Right Skilled Nursing Facility for Your Family

If you’re looking for a nursing facility that can take on the responsibility of providing services like palliative care, physical therapy, pain management or rehabilitation, get in touch with Haven Healthcare today. Our partnership with nursing facilities across the 417 area makes the process much easier for you. We can help direct you to a facility that meets your needs.

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