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December 3, 2018

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Pain Management and Improving Mental Health

April 27, 2018

Can Pain Management Improve Your Mental Health?


Living with a condition that causes chronic pain makes life much harder. It also takes a toll on more than just your body. Chronic, nagging pain can have a significant impact on your mental health which can make your overall situation even worse. By the same token, pain management also has the potential to benefit your mental wellbeing and alleviate your physical pain.


This doesn’t refer exclusively to medicinal pain management, either. In this blog entry, Haven Healthcare looks at some of the simple, holistic pain management strategies that will not only ease your physical pain but help you feel better about yourself, too. Read on to find out more — or take a look at our range of caregiver services.


Don’t Avoid Mental Health Issues

First things first: don’t ignore any potential mental health issues. Whether you’re the caregiver of a family member or you’re currently receiving care, your mental health is important. This can be a particular problem for older relatives, as there’s a significant generational gap in the understanding of mental health issues.


Many older patients will avoid talking about feelings of depression or anxiety, but it’s vital that these common side effects of chronic conditions are addressed. Remember, there’s nothing shameful in seeking help for your mental health.


Relaxation Exercises

Relaxation exercises are great for pain management, as they can help to relax muscles and tendons, release endorphins and reduce pain. A side effect is also that they tend to lift your mood.


Light Exercise

Just like relaxation exercises, light physical exercise offers similar benefits. Also, like relaxation, light exercise is a great activity for family members and older relatives to bond through. It also offers the benefits to both. Just remember to keep things simple and don’t push yourself.


Improving Your Diet

Improving your diet is more than just about what you eat. If your someone who cares for an older relative, consider making some dietary changes together. Taking an active role in cooking and sharing mealtimes has a significantly positive impact on mood, brings families closer together, and allows you to appreciate each other’s company. Pain management becomes much easier when it’s done in a supportive, relaxed family environment.


Getting Out of the House


When living with chronic pain, it can be almost impossible to even think about going outside. But making more of an effort to get out of the house, even if you’re only going as far as your lawn, does a lot for your mental health. Being indoors all day dealing with constant pain is never great for your mind, and even a few minutes of outdoor activity is enough to help both physically and mentally.


Ask Us More About Pain Management

If you’re looking for professional help with pain management, get in touch with Haven Healthcare today. We’re dedicated to helping every patient with a uniquely tailored, compassionate and understanding treatment program.

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